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Preparing and Sending Demos

If I had a dollar for every track i received with a title untitled.wav, untitled.mp3, new track.mp3. This is a partial rant and instruction about how to prepare your demo.

Always Use Project Name, Song Name and Version

You got a project name, artist name or whatever. Use this as the the prefix for your file



Version Numbers

If its a new version you can certainly use master2, master3, master4. But if you get lost in that shuffle its on you.

I recommend using a descriptor for version and let your file dates tell the truth. Another example of nice file name.

kirkwoodwest_-_zone_blazed_(draft).mp3 kirkwoodwest_-_zone_blazed_(mix).mp3 kirkwoodwest_-_zone_blazed_(hype_master).mp3

Use underscores in files

I know this is still an old 90s thing but not everyone uses the same file system. So use underscores.

Utilize Meta Data!

If your track has meta data and image it will be ready for playback in someones set! WAVs suck. AIFs have meta data. I recommend using AIF for uncompressed files.

Utilize a program like Tagscan windows or mp3tag for osx.

Indicate if its mastered or mix

If its not a master and in mp3 format. It will not be played in my system. The levels aren't loud enough to come through.

You don't care about meta data or file names?

I don't care about your music if I can't find it. There are plenty of other tracks in my library with proper meta data and I'm not gonna waste another second dealing with untagged music. Even if you are Jesus I will not give a damn.

I will no longer be listening to demos or projects without attention to this

I have hundreds of tunes without proper id. Making it impossible to give proper attribution, I don't even know if its mine or someone elses. How do I properly attribute it or even give feedback when going through my list of demos received through Discord, Email or I write a fuck ton of music. Your demo is now in the Trash. Sorry!