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  • PUBLISHED: 2024-2-16
  • UPDATED: 2024-2-16

Windows Apps

I'll probably list several in each category as time moves on. If you know of any better apps in each category, I'm happy to review them

Power Toys

This is probably one of the best investments Microsoft has made for their operating system. Using windows default settings is a joke and having all these sweet utilities available from a single install is huge. They keep updating the package with new utilities.

File Management

One Commander

This modern file management tool is a great replacement for the age old explorer that is so poorly designed in all aspects. I highly recommend this as the first thing to install when using windows.

Quick Look

Brings Mac OS preview to Windows. Probably one of my favorite MacOS Features. This style of feature is also available in Power Toys


Search though all your files on your system. Uses . style search and many other options as well as regEx


Resonic Pro

This is the best audio player you'll find. I use this to find samples and play audio. Extremely high quality playback, fast and usability is off the charts.

Image Viewers

Robust and fast Image viewing and management

  • Still looking for a replacement on this and/or Adobe Light Room!

Screen Capture

Fast Stone

Image capturing tool with dedicated cache and other options. Once taking a screenshot you can also make quick edits and highlight items in the image.