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Mac OS Apps

  • PUBLISHED: 2024-2-16
  • UPDATED: 2024-2-16

File Management

Daisy Disk

Very useful utility for managing diskspace. See why you can't make music because you got too many games from Steam or too many software plugins.

Name Manger 3

Great Batch File Renaming Utility.


Really nice addition to what you can't get with mac os automator. Automate your workflows!


Text Editor - Sublime Text

I just love this text editor. so clean and smooth. Many of the hotkeys are similar to IDE's that I'm familiar with. Since I'm not a vim or emacs user this will does the job nicely for me.


Looks like my favorite logging app is gone... This was a utilty to tail the end of a log and highlight certain keywords you were looking for. Would love to find another tool like this very helpful for software development on systems that write to a text file with no debugger.

Back Up Utilities

Chronosync - Possibly a replacement for Resilio Sync. Might look into this if I get frustrated with that tool! suggested by Richard Davis THANKS!

DAW Utilities

Video Sync

Video Sync is a video player that locks to MTC/MMC or Avid's Satellite protocol. You can use it to repurpose your previous computer as a video player or run it alongside any DAW. Benefits: you can drop timestamped audio in for perfect sync, you can do simple edits, make streamers, add burnin timecode to videos that inexplicably in this day and age were given to you without it, and export videos for clients with a little mixing in place. Suggested by Richard Davis

Midi Utilities

Snoize MIDI Utility

Log all your midi. This application rules especially with the macOS Midi. You can use this to log midi data while using your DAW. Useful for developing applications or extensions using midi controllers.


Take a MIDI source (e.g. IAC port, say from a DAW MIDI track), do stuff to it (transpose, modify or remap controllers), split it, send it to multiple MIDI channels/ports, return it to your DAW tracks for insane stacks and splits and layers. Suggested by Richard Davis