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Catalog of Kirkwood West Releases

Catalog Artist Title BPM Date
002 TH3WORM Wake Up On Time 106 2023-10-28
001 RCS & TH3WORM Digital Zone 101-110 2023-08-11

TH3WORM: Wake Up On Time

Record Sleeve with image of an eye. Its iris is expanding

A late night party fueled by hypnotic grooves and pulsing bass. Our minds sink deeper into the cosmic matrix. We enter an altered state of consciousness. The Third Eye expands. The Soul is transformed. We can never go back.

TH3WORMs first solo release is quintessential Techno Boogie Fusion. An alchemy of minimal, dub, and post disco funk. The bass rolls and the chords echo drawing listeners into its depths. "Wake Up on Time" alongside "Deep Dream" showcase the next mutation of this formula. Through a blend of vintage hardware warmth and cutting-edge software precision, TH3WORM is digging a deep tunnel in the techno soundscape.

  • Written & Mixed by TH3WORM
  • Mastered by Miro Pajic

RCS AND TH3WORM: Digital Zone

Record Sleeve with picture of a digital 3D Grid in perspective

An insidious force has overtaken global civilization. Digital technology has crept into every aspect of our lives. It constantly watches us, records us, and seeks to understand us. As we engage with it, the network begins to manipulate our thoughts and the way we move through this world. This process of digitalization has become so ubiquitous that it defines what it means to be human in 2023. We have entered the digital zone but will you be able to escape?

RCS & TH3WORM have been homies since the first grade. They grew up together in school, playing video games, riding skateboards, mixing records , writing tracks and throwing parties. It was destined to be that 30 years later they would come together on a collaboration.

Music is essential to their lives as air is to most. They use an extensive collection of records, microphones, vintage analog gear & modern recording systems. The two travel to each others studios time after time to compose and dial in the best gear for each sound layer. This is the process that they use for a sound that is undeniably dope.

  • Written & Mixed by TH3WORM & RCS
  • Mastered by Miro Pajic


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