Kirkwood and Reed

Been in the studio with a new friend Reed Richards. So far we have been rocking it and have several demos ready to be sent out. Feel free to email us if you would like a demo.

Whats unique about Reed is not only his ability to know and understand great music and structure, but His family is well versed in great music. His father runs a used record store in Ratoul. His older brother DJ Bozak has the largest record collection I’ve ever seen.

Looking forward to more with this guy…


Also, check Reeds tapedeck warz on soundcloud. Recorded live onto cassette.

Jive Davis

What happens when you take a rocket scientist and teach them to DJ? A genius behind the decks settles for nothing less than quality dance floor burners. Jive Davis brings you the heat.

Jive Davis

A great mix from our last party at Cowboy Monkey.

An excellent Disco Edit…

Jive and I have been hitting the slomo factory recently, collaborating on edits. Stay tuned…

Midnight Mauraderz Podcast

Don-Ray of the Midnight Mauraderz Podcast contacted me about doing a special mix last month. This is in the works but he wanted to post my mix from last year.

V56 Midnight Maraudaz. It’s the Live @ Luna mix with Don-Ray’s friendly introduction.

Subscribe to the podcast:

Also, definetly get hooked up with his soundcloud and be sure to check the Blade Runnaz episode.

On a side note, its been a while since an update. I wanted to summarize a bit about whats been going on the past year with music. Lots of things have been happening several parties, studio rebuilding, edits, etc. I plan to do that in another post soon. I’m truly looking forward to continuing 2013. There is some great stuff happening!

The Secret Of The Worm

Slow motion music has taken over my world. People ask me “what is this slow motion music?” and I tell em… “its house/techno music clocking at a range of 90 – 105 bpm. At the moment I’ve been rocking complex synth time signatures with huge bass elements. Laced on the top with super fast moving hats. There will probably be more to it in the future… but for now just got to keep building the sound and digging for others doing similar thing!

This is a track dedicated to my friend Joel who recently passed away in his sleep. As I child I used to cruise around the house in a sleeping bag and my father call me the worm. Joel, being a friend of the family, would also refer to me as the worm on occasion. Rest in Peace Joel, thanks for being so rad!The song is also available as a free download for you. (click the little down arrow button on the player)


slow motion tracks.

Been in the studio lately working on slow motion music. I can’t get enough of it… for example.

Also, if you know of good slow motion recommends. I’m also into more of the weirder sounding stuff… Like the stuff on workshop. Please hit me up or leave a comment!

Almost over with so much left to do…

We are still killing it at the game studio. The game is almost done.

In the meantime, I’ve been stocking up the studio with some new gear and practicing for live performance. I cannot wait to share the new and classic sounds I’ve been piecing together.

Upcoming my good friend Myles Egner is flying out in a month from SF to do some studio sessions. We are planning to post videos of the sessions as we build.

And of course more projects will be coming back online as the earth turns and the sun rises.