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Touch OSC

Touch OSC MKII is the next evolution of Touch Based Controllers that works on multiple platforms with touch support. Since Lemur pretty much died in a dumpster fire of years of not being supported, Hexler came through with a great replacement that supports Lua Scripting!

Touch OSC @

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Things you can do with touch OSC

  • Build a Touch Interface with Midi Controller Integration
  • Emulate another midi controller
  • Make a game! Yes, its that powerful with the addition of Lua Scripting.
  • Control or read from any OSC Enabled device

I hope to elaborate on this page more. I want to provide snippets and a bunch of resources that will be useful for the to the Touch OSC community. For now check out some of my submissions to Patch Storage

Other Resources

Felix and friends have made this incredible resource for learning Lua & Local Messages in Touch OSC.

Discord Server Generally while I'm working on Touch OSC Projects, I'll also hang out with crew and help answer questions in the Touch OSC Discord. Join in the fun. Remember to use #threads!