Inspired by Kenneth Scott

Kenneth Scott has been living in San Fransisco over the past 8+ years and continues to perfect his skills as a dj and musician. He contributes regularly to one of the most amazing techno scenes in America, works out incredible music on an all hardware live PA with EO and their band Moniker, pushes drinks at the legendary 222 Hyde and has releases on various San Fransisco Labels including Night Light Music and Smash Hit Music Co.

I find kenneths choice of music to be pretty timeless, and this is why this mix is still in my rotation…

Kenneth tracks and sets are always pushing my musical boundaries and tastes. In his rotation is a cycle of mind melting techno, deep teshed out house, and sounds that you’ve probably never heard before. I’m continually looking forward to what he comes up with next.

Check out his latest release Untitled 13 which was mastered by John Tejada.

Keep up with updates from Kenneth on Facebook and enjoy the tunes.