Midnight Mauraderz Podcast

Don-Ray of the Midnight Mauraderz Podcast contacted me about doing a special mix last month. This is in the works but he wanted to post my mix from last year.

V56 Midnight Maraudaz. It’s the Live @ Luna mix with Don-Ray’s friendly introduction.

Subscribe to the podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/midnight-maraudaz-best-in/id195897661

Also, definetly get hooked up with his soundcloud and be sure to check the Blade Runnaz episode.

On a side note, its been a while since an update. I wanted to summarize a bit about whats been going on the past year with music. Lots of things have been happening several parties, studio rebuilding, edits, etc. I plan to do that in another post soon. I’m truly looking forward to continuing 2013. There is some great stuff happening!