The Secret Of The Worm

Slow motion music has taken over my world. People ask me “what is this slow motion music?” and I tell em… “its house/techno music clocking at a range of 90 – 105 bpm. At the moment I’ve been rocking complex synth time signatures with huge bass elements. Laced on the top with super fast moving hats. There will probably be more to it in the future… but for now just got to keep building the sound and digging for others doing similar thing!

This is a track dedicated to my friend Joel who recently passed away in his sleep. As I child I used to cruise around the house in a sleeping bag and my father call me the worm. Joel, being a friend of the family, would also refer to me as the worm on occasion. Rest in Peace Joel, thanks for being so rad!The song is also available as a free download for you. (click the little down arrow button on the player)